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Rapid Shippings strategically placed warehouse locations worldwide will ease your constantly changing customer expectations, providing swift and easy access to key border crossings, international airports and worldwide consumers. Reduce complexity and cost, leverage international trade agreements, manage growth and improve your customer experience with Rapid Shippings, warehousing and distribution service for a logistics strategy that is optimized for your business priorities.

  • Order Fulfillment – Solutions for Diverse Sales channels
        • Domestic and International fulfillment
        • Retail and Store Fulfillment
        • B2B Fulfillment
        • E-commerce
        • Pick and Pack
        • Kitting
        • Project & Seasonal Work
  • Specialized Programs – Tailored Solutions
        • Foreign Trade Zone – Specialized sub zone consultation
        • Import Staging / Consolidation / Deconsolidation
        • Vendor Managed Inventory
        • Returns Management
        • Spare Parts Management

  • Direct Delivery – Leverage the Farrow Network to reduce cost
        • Cross dock
        • Transload
        • Store Direct
        • Merge in Transit
  • Value Added Services
    • Kitting and Final Assembly
    • Product Inspection and Compliance
    • Labelling
    • Product Rework
  • FTZ and Bonded Warehousing
    • US and Canada
    • Section 321 shipping and Duty Drawback
  • Network Design and Optimization
    • Network Design
    • Transportation Optimization
    • Inventory Analysis
  • Short and Long-Term Storage